Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Brock is 5 and participated this winter in Y basketball. As everyone would expect it is a joyous thing to watch. There is always something to giggle about or to simply laugh until your eyes produce tears. Examples include kids running off the court just to talk to Mom, another standing in the middle of the court going in circles just to experience that dizzy feeling, and yet another finding the perfect time to shine by running with the ball tucked under his arm because the only person trying to take the ball away from him is the ref since the play was dead seconds before.

Throughout his basketball season Brock has insisted that his team name was DEFENSE. His two sisters would argue endlessly with him that no team would be named DEFENSE. So just the other day Brock received in the mail his basketball team picture. Samantha and Sydney were quick to inform Brock that his team name was actually the Celtics. With a disappointed look in his eyes, Brock told me the following. "But Mommy we always huddle and say DEFENSE."


  1. Those are great stories!! :) Nothing like the giggles that come from kids being sweet kids!!

  2. I can't believe he is 5 already.