Monday, November 9, 2015

Let it Go

We were created by God to need each other. We are children of the King, brothers and sisters in Christ. Relationships matter to God (and to me).  Families matter to God (and to me).

Few things are more painful than unresolved family conflict. Domineering individuals, confused and independent teens, or jealous siblings can create a battlefield involving every member of the family.  Whose turn it is to take out the trash  or do the dishes?  Did you clean your room before asking to go to the Friday night football game?  Did you ask permission to wear your sister's shirt?  Extremely irritating and bothersome but, in the big scheme of things, these are minor issues that can be resolved easily.  Families of all kinds are faced with bigger challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, teen pregnancy, different values and beliefs, divorce and many more issues.  The solutions to these issues often take more effort and time from everyone involved. 

As we grow and mature so should our relationships. But the reality is that the problems don't magically disappear as we grow up. Therefore, as adults we should accept our differences with family members, and love them anyway, focus on the positives, let go and hope for the best. . To have a relationship or to love each other we don't have to be the same and we don't have to like everything that the other one does. We can love through all the things we don't like.   New differences will arise. Mistakes will be made.  Disagreements will take place. But in no way do these things change the deep love we have for one another. No one is going anywhere. We are family and that means we’re all safe. Right?

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