Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lessons Learned

These thoughts were from a few months ago but I want to share.  

To whom it may concern,
Sometime Friday in the early morning hours you searched my neighborhood taking things that did not belong to you. Once you rummaged my niece's car and took the garage opener, you helped yourself to a new means of transportation. Forcing the Jeep out of my garage damaged another vehicle and other personal property. What on earth made you think this behavior was acceptable?
Thank you for the reminder of what really matters in life.  My faith, health, family, friends and strength are better than the material things you helped yourself to without permission.  I am proud of what I have accomplished that allows me to maintain this quality of life you will never understand with your current ways. My family and friends now have a new story to tell and we have learned a few lessons from the experience.
Let me tell you some of my lessons. 
1. The Jeep you stole and drove so recklessly was given to a young lady who could teach you many valuable life lessons. She is honest, smart, disciplined. 
2. Items you took or destroyed can be repaired or replaced. You did not cause harm to what really matters to me. 
3. Another point I would like to make is to tell you that all of my items were purchased by me or given to me as gifts. We all know you cannot say the same. (Those designer sunglasses worn by your female accomplice do not count since you stole those also). 
4. While sometimes things go wrong, many more things go right. APD sent out one of their best to take our report. My wonderful husband, great friends, family and even strangers spent time driving the streets of Amarillo, sharing information through social media and offering unconditional support. The officers who work 24/7 to protect and serve found the Jeep and worked diligently to recover evidence that will make you face consequences for your actions. Maybe you can become part of the human race that is loving and kind. 
5. There may have been things that made it easier for you to commit your crimes, but you are still to blame. 

I am sorry for whatever made you mean, cruel and desperate. I believe you count on people being afraid of you and your violent streaks. You need to know that life is not about stealing but earning. Giving makes you a richer person.  I hope you make necessary changes and get help so that you stop putting people through the type of pain you have inflicted on me and my family.

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